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Canada Green Farms Inc.  Scotch Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, White SpruceCanada Green Farms Inc. is owned and operated by Robert & Doreen Sanders of MIdland, Ontario. There are over 6800 acres of beautiful trees available in Ontario and Nova Scotia in Canada as well as Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Oregon in the USA.

There are several varieties of Pine, Fir and Spruce trees ranging in size from 2ft-15ft. All species can be used as a Christmas or Landscape tree.

Many growers save their best trees for their own retail lots or choose and cut sites. Canada Green Farm Inc. is strictly a wholesale operation and all of our trees are available to our customers.

The customer is the most important person on our farms!


Robert & Doreen Sanders

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Canada Green Farms Inc.  Scotch Pine, Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir, White Spruce, White Pine
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Tel: 705-527-7926
Fax: 705-528-1471

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