Green and Eco-friendly Efforts and Solutions in Canada

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Canadians have embraced eco-friendly ideas that help keep this universe green. They range from resorting to green energy, conserving the environment, planting more trees recycling waste products and generating power from sources that causes less pollution.

Picking up Organic Waste
Canadians are not just interested in separating and recycling newspapers but have taken it upon themselves to ensure that organic waste including eggshells, vegetable peels; stale foods are picked every week. These items are deposited into composts at the backyard meaning that the amount of garbage that is send to the landfill is greatly reduced.
Already, there are plenty of composts in backyard being used to ensure that all the picked litter is kept at the back yard and does not find its way to the public landfills. This means that there are few pickups and less fuel is used to carry the garbage.

Developing the Green Strategy
There are plenty of green energy programs that have been started by the Canadian government and private investors. They include generation of power from renewable sources such as wind and solar. The Canadian government is supporting the endeavors by planning to invest $1.5 billion in alternative energy technologies.

Air Pollution
In Canada, there are plans to phase out coal –burning power plants as a mean of generating power. This will eliminate air pollution coming from such power generating plants. There is also the need to focus attention on less polluting technologies such as wind as an alternative source of power.

It is said that one person’s trash can become another person’s treasure. This means that any item you think is not required should be given out to other people who may find it valuable and put it to use. Nearly 200, 000 Canadians are members of Freecycle and Craigslist meaning that items that are not used can be given out to people who really need them. This helps in sharing the wealth while at the same time keeps useful items out of landfills.

Canadians are embracing new methods meant to ensure that there is very little that finds its way to landfills. Almost everyone is bringing reusable bag when they go for shopping instead of buying new ones. This reduces the number of packing bags thrown away and will later pollute the soil.

Saving the Great Bear Rainforest
Canada’s west coast temperate rainforest is one of the homes to many species of animals and trees. The white bear is one of the animals found in the forest, thus there is need to protect such resources. The Canadian government has set out to protect the forest by reducing logging and protecting the forest.

Recycling Waste Products
Already, there are many plants that have been licensed to recycle waste products. When waste papers are recycled and used it means that very few trees are cut and used to make paper products.

Thus, Canadians are contributing greatly to the eco green environment by reverting to green sources of energy, recycling used products, planting more trees and protecting the environment.

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